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Weekly and Events Booking

Here you can book your weekly swimming sessions.

Swap Your Hoodie

You’ve probably noticed that we have recently updated our logo and branding and with that we have replaced all our kit so that we have a strong sense of teamwork and belonging.


We want everyone to be wearing the new team colours and branding with pride and we don’t feel it is fair that it should come at a cost for anyone who has the old kit. So if you have a hoodie with old branding, we ask you to tell us what size you need us to order for a hoodie swap.


If you have an old Sunbeam hoodie with the previous logo, please use this form to order your replacement hoodie with the new branding. CLOSING date 31/12/2023.


If ordering more than one, please refresh this page to place your next order.


When your new hoodie is ready to collect, we will ask you to return your old one to swap it over. All old hoodies will be recycled.

Pro Shop

We have a stock of technical tee shirts and hoodies available for immediate purchase and we’ve ordered some other items like hats and towels as samples for you to look at. Please talk to a committee member poolside for more info.



If you want to order your own to be delivered direct to home, please visit our online shop.



Most swimming clubs receive a 10% commission on sales but we wanted to pass that saving on to you instead, so please note the 10% discount to the item price that will be added to your basket at checkout.

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